Our story

In the summer of 2015, in conversations with several Baltimore City school principals, Susan Tabatznik Nestadt heard the same refrain again and again:

Students were missing school because they did not have the required school uniform.

Parents worried their young children would face stigma if they went to school out of uniform, or in uniforms that were dirty or torn. Other organizations in Baltimore provided backpacks and school supplies, but free uniforms were only available through a limited voucher program run by the school district.

Susan, a former social worker and committed social advocate, began buying uniforms to deliver to a handful of schools in need. She began reaching out to friends for donations, and quickly found a partner in Debbie Cameron, whose professional and volunteer commitments provided back-end expertise. The first year, they delivered a few hundred uniforms to schools in West Baltimore. Within a few years, advised by supportive donors, including the Abell and Goldseker foundations, they were delivering thousands of uniforms to schools across the city.

Photo above: School Colors founders and volunteers

Thank you, School Colors
Throughout the year students can request a uniform from this stocked uniform closet at Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School.